How wildlife affects & damages your Roofing System, causing holes, clogged airways & more!


This year alone, we’ve had to perform several repairs for our customers from damage created by Woodpeckers, Squirrels, Crows, Ravens and other wildlife here in Colorado. These animals can tear away at the membrane, while crows and woodpeckers will even eat certain types of Insulation after tearing through the membrane coating. Once a crow finds a spot, it will keep coming back. We’ve personally watched the fattest crow hop away from us as we patched his eating hole up move away a good 50 feet away then just start pecking away at a new hole.

Not to mention as they eat away at your Roofing System, they make their nests in units nearby causing more holes, clogging airways and more. If it's a Pigeon, they let their feces pile up so high it can actually become a Major HAZMAT Issue which is then pumping the fumes of this bio-hazard right back into the duct work entering into your HVAC System and into your building.

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