Colorado Landfill Fees Expected to Climb in 2017

(Photo courtesy of: Eric Lumsden,

(Photo courtesy of: Eric Lumsden,


Colorado is home to some of America's most beautiful landmarks and national parks. However, most of our land is protected and many landfills are starting to reach their limits. This year, many counties in Colorado will start seeing another increase in these landfill/dumping fees. What does this mean if you're a business owner?

This means it will cost even more when you have to replace your roof, and maybe some major repairs will jump in price too. Some places in Colorado are seeing increases up to $10 per ton, which can equal to thousands of dollars. Typically, non-environmentally friendly roofs can last roughly about 10-15 years in Colorado without maintenance. This is due to many factors just such as drastic weather changes in climate from cold to warm, and then back again. Those weather changes cause buildings to contract, expand, then contract again which can lead to leaks and more. Also, hail plays a significant factor and proper maintenance with any roof is key. The sun is very intense here since we are much higher in elevation, hence the reason for UV Rays deteriorating things much faster than other areas in the US.

Colorado Commercial Roofing, Inc. has over 37 years of experience, exclusively in the Colorado Area. All of our products that we offer are Eco-friendly and made to withstand drastic climate changes. Our products are reflective, which helps slow down deterioration from UV Rays. And best of all, all of our Roofing Systems are environmentally friendly which can help with those landfill fees. We are fully insured, Certified Installers and Authorized to issue warranties directly from the manufacturers. We also offer Roof Maintenance Programs for business owners that go hand-in-hand to ensure your roof's longevity.

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