Ice Dams

In Colorado, we sometimes experience drastic weather changes during the snow season. A snow storm can pass by easily leaving anywhere from 3-18 inches of snow or more in just one day. Then the following day or week, we might reach above freezing temperatures which can cause snow to gradually melt and form hard ice. Then another snow storm comes in and this effect repeats itself, cold then warm then cold again. This Ice Dam effect traps water that will start to leak from the edge of your roof. The cycle will force your roof to expand and contract aw well. Sometimes damage from hail storms that aren't visible become huge tears and holes in your roof system come winter season.

When snow piles up on your roof Ice Dams can form, trapping water and moisture which can lead to roof leaks, gutter damage and more from dangerous ice blockage. Colorado Commercial Roofing tries to stay preventative during these winter conditions. Our warranties can cover both Labor and Materials. Ask us about how you can receive Annual Warranty Check-ups. We also offer a 24-7 Emergency Repair Service for everyone during any weather condition. We are certified in many products as we are one of the only Authorized Roofing Contractor's in Colorado that may issue warranties direct from our Manufacturers.

Keep your business up-to-date by having a healthy roofing system. Making sure your company has proper ventilation and insulation can aid in these conditions, and having our certified experts evaluate your situation is key. There can be many factors to why your experiencing problems from snow and ice, call us at (719) 466-3441 and ask about our No-Obligation Estimates. We can also repair some situations right on the spot.


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